How to add shortcut on FreeCommanderX to make folder writeable — remove read-only atrribute

Why we need it ?

Eveytime you get lasted code from dimension, when you try to compile, there will a warning about “access decline” because of the read-only attribute of file under _XPC560x_MICROSAR_OS folder. So if we can change it by one click, it will be comfortabel.


How to implement ?

Step1. Creat a batch file named “writeAble.bat”, content :

    REM receive input path as parameter

attrib -r %1/*.* /S /D

Step2. Config this bat in FreeCommanderX

then you see the dialog like:

Step3. Now if you want to remove files’s and folders’s “read-only” atrribute under _XPC560x_MICROSAR_OS, navigate to this folder, and then click the WriteAble icon.

So, this files became writeable, and you can compile in Eclipse NOW!




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